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Daisy Story

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Leave your home as fresh as a daisy…

Home is where the fragrance is familiar! Whether you are a looking for a classic scent for old time sake, a riot of your favorite garden scents or a nostalgic scent that reminds you of home, Daiisy Scents Wood Wick Candles add a personal, premium and polished scented touch to your home.


A Dance of Flames and Fragrance…

We are a home fragrance brand that specializes in scented wood wick candles handcrafted with love and packaged with an elegant finish to deliver the most sensory fragrance experience of a lifetime. We carefully chose the finest raw materials and combine it with skilled craftsmanship to ensure your “crackle-burn” experience is beyond compare.

What’s better than a scent that makes a familiar sound?

Now you can have your own mini fireplace in a handcrafted bottle as your desired wood wick candle give the sound of a crackling fireplace when it burns. We package each Daiisy Candle according to your wishes with love and straight to your home.


Our “Crackle”

“…no source of light can ever replace the mysterious beauty of a candle!” – Mehmet Murat Ildan

Our crackle is what makes us different…each Daiisy Candle is hand poured with love and leaves you, your home and every other thing of yours it comes in contact with smelling as fresh as freshly plucked daisies.

Daiisy’s simple but sophisticated range of fragrances exists to raise the bar and fill up every space in your room, customizing your candle experience. All our luxury fragrances are tested before we add them to our existing collections to ensure your final choice of fragrance is “just right” for use.


Scented Candles Any day, Any time.

Yes! Anywhere, any day, anytime, you will experience freshness with Daiisy Candles. As a trusted home brand, we will continue to offer high-quality, easy-to-use and sophisticated scented candles for candle lovers of all types.

Our dream is to leave each heart scented and every home fragrant with each candle we send out of our precious candle paradise.


Our Light Bearers

“There is a ‘crackle’ in everyone…that's how the light gets in.”
Meet Pierre! The youngest light bearer on the team! And the most industrious 2-year old. Together, we put the “crackle” in your candle wax, test fragrances and even deliver packages.

 As a bustling mom and entrepreneur, Pierre and I make the perfect tag team and we enjoy creating together. Join us as we give love and light…one candle at a time.

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