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Daisy Story

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Leave your home as fresh as a daisy…

Home is where the fragrance is familiar! Whether you are a looking for a classic scent for old time sake or a riot of your favorite garden  scents we have you covered. Daiisy Scents Wood Wick Candles add a personal touch to your home.


A Dance of Flames and Fragrance…

We are a home fragrance brand that specializes in scented wood wick candles.  We carefully chose the finest raw materials and combine it them with skilled craftsmanship to ensure your “crackle-burn” experience is beyond compare.


Scented Candles Any day, Any time.

Yes! Anywhere, any day, anytime, you will experience freshness with Daiisy Candles. As a trusted home brand, we will continue to offer high-quality, easy-to-use and sophisticated scented candles for candle lovers of all types.


Our Light Bearers

“There is a ‘crackle’ in everyone"
Meet Pierre! The youngest light bearer on the team! As a bustling mom and entrepreneur, Pierre and I make the perfect tag team and we enjoy creating together. Join us as we give love and light…one candle at a time.

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