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Meet your Candle Connoisseur

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My name is Daisy and I am your Candle Connoisseur!  I am the owner of Daiisy Scents. Daiisy Scents is a home fragrance brand specializing in scented wood wick candles. Wood wick candles make a lovely crackling sound when lit. The sound reminds you of sitting by an open fire in a wood-burning fireplace.

Have you ever smelled anything that took you back to a memorable moment in your life? The  first thing I notice whenever I walk into a room is the smell.  Grilled cheese and tomato soup takes me right back to elementary school days in the cafeteria at Thomas Edison Charter School.  

With Daiisy Scents, you get the promise of a handcrafted candle made with the luxury scents that matter to you to your home or office.  From pouring your candles to replying feedbacks, I ensure that I infuse a scent specially picked to curate your memories.

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