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Candle Collections

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At Daiisy Scents, our scented candles collections are both a marvel and a wonder. This is what sets us apart and your spaces on fire with a riotous burst of scents. The aromas  we churn out are specially handcrafted to be used in your home and office.

Spa Collection

Our spa collection features a variety of fragrances that will definitely be the right pick personally or even as a gift. This collection features comforting candles for your home with scents that will leave you relaxed, refreshed and revitalized.

Seasonal Collection 

In our seasonal candle collection, we have combined your favorite traditional holiday fragrances with the right seasonal trend to deliver the perfect blend of unique scents.This collection will make you feel like Spring really “sprung”,  or you “Fall” head over heels in love in Winter.  

Signature Collection

Our Signature Scent Collection features our top sellers all year round. Get yourself a signature candle …the scent sticks around long after the candle has been beautifully burnt.

Fluer Collection

Go from living or office space to riotous garden with just one lit. The Fleur collection instantly transports you to your own secret garden. We've specially made this collection for those inspired by Earth’s natural scent givers.

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